How to Apply for Immigration Visa


The processing of visa for immigrate in Canada is easy, because now the system to use to check the information provided by the applicants are very accurate. You will get a visa on arrival basis only when you have the right information filled in the form. Now, the applicant must fulfill the following mandatory requirements to become a permanent resident of Canada. The applicant must have a valid passport, which he or she carries with him always. If the applicant has some assets that are not Canadian but are protected by some other source in Canada, he should keep those assets in the name of that person who is getting the permanent resident status.

It has been observed that the number of applicants getting visa for immigrate in Canada has increased in the recent years. Because of the increasing number of immigrants in the country, the Canadian immigration visa office has introduced many changes in the immigration visa. In the past, people used to apply for one one-immigration visa for as many family members as they could, but today, the Canadian immigration visa is designed in such a way that each applicant can be given only one chance to become a permanent resident of Canada. If that person fails to comply with the conditions for getting the immigrant visa, he or she may not be allowed to stay in Canada permanently.

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